The Art to Craft Wines DiVine...

Genuine & Meaningful

Wines that bear a sense... Bewitching aromas... Soon unveiled....

Deliberately rare to be collected, aromas exciting enough to be appreciated...

For the launch of DivoVino, we decided for three Red Vintages, produced in exclusive quantity, to mark palates, and become remarked in the cellars.

-The Cuvée dedicated to the 900 years of the Templars – OSMTH, Barbera- 146 bottles

-The Ace of Spades Cuvée, Croatine – 138 bottles

-La Cuvée San Michele, Pinot Noir – 162 bottles

DivoVino’s Maker selected three emblematic grape varieties that range from Pinot Noir with international accents, expressing a lightness of the aromas while delicacy, a vintage with a purely antique character, made from the regional typical Barbera grape variety, until a more full-bodied and tannic Croatine which will delight lovers of strong and refined wines.

  • Holistic viticulture
  • Manual bottling
  • Labels, wax, manually applied
  • Hand numbering of bottles

DivoVino commits to upholding this unique winemaking tradition, offering the highest quality wines, based on the philosophy of preserving the local winemaking traditions, a millennial land, for the future generations.

The nectar of Gods, from the vineyard to your glass.

Private delivery only (Italy, France, Switzerland, Monaco). 100% Estate grown, produced & bottled Artisan natural wines made to be enjoyed responsibly.