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Wines that are genuine

Wines as a tribute to the Divine: pure, genuine, this is the soul that we insufflated to DivoVino.  “Vigna del Rè”, the King’s vineyard enjoys an exclusive location on the ancient Via Romea, the pilgrimage route to the Holy Land. The landscape is strewn with vestiges of the Templar commanderies that reigned over the whole Province of Po.

The birth of DivoVino is part of a “coup de coeur” collaboration of several years with our winegrower, with whom we share the desire to produce memorable wines, in the Templar tradition, revolving around a terroir. Italian character, traditional know-how, and a passion for craftsmanship.

DivoVino is the exact opposite of mass production of alcoholic beverages and stands out through confidential sales to exceptional customers. We love wines like no other, that are not made to be tasted by everyone, bearing in each sip the imprint of a thousand-year-old heritage, from which they derive their particular oenological qualities. Wines in their humblest and purest expression, suspended between Earth and Sky.

Our Tenet? Maintain winemaking know-how through a holistic vision of viticulture, considering the plant, the grape through all its transformation cycles as a living being until the moment of tasting. We choose resolutely elitist working methods, limited production, and high standards during all stages of production.

The quest for perfection begins in the vines when selecting the best grape varieties from an estate with 94 years of family experience, where operations are carried out with respect for biodiversity and natural cycles.

The “green harvest” makes it possible to remove the excess to bring to perfect maturation a maximum of 10 bunches per vine. Then comes the moment of manual harvest, forging itself on the methods of the past. A second selection is made to keep only 40% of the total production.

The modus operandi is dictated by the lunar cycles, whether in the vineyards or in the cellar. This allows the plant time to regenerate and thus obtain optimal grape quality.

Ace of Spades