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Barbera 2016 – OSMTH  900th

“A spontaneous wine, pure expression of the terroir from which it comes”

Gold Medal  “Best of Class” – Los Angeles International  Wine Competition  2022

Silver Medal – Sommeliers Choice Awards 2022

This prestigious commemorative edition was born to celebrate the 900 years of the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani (OSMTH) during the celebrations of the Grand Magisterium held in Tomar, Portugal in October of the year 2019.
This is our most remarkable cuvée of a natural wine produced in the ancient tradition, transmitting the power over the centuries of the Templar oath and representing the elements that are essential to life: water, air, earth, fire.


100% Barbera 2016


On the marl-limestone plot, 5,600 vines intended for the production of this powerful Barbera are planted. The vines are cultivated according to the Guyot method, and exposed southeast. Each phonological phase is carried out with respect for the natural rhythm and the peculiarities of each vintage.


The grapes are harvested manually. The green harvest operation carried out upstream makes it possible to achieve the harvest with an excellent ratio of bunches per vine. Only 40% of the production corresponds to the requirements of this full-bodied red.


It is characterized by its simplicity, this intention is confirmed by the choice to work exclusively with indigenous yeasts, adjusting the wine only when necessary. The use of sulfites is also being reduced to its lowest rate.


Aging in French oak barrels, lasts for 15 to 18 months, and involves the use of second passage barrels in order to obtain a delicate effect that enriches the organoleptic profile.

Taste  Experience:

It’s ruby red color is impenetrable and is adorned with brilliant reflections. The ample aromas of morello cherry and cherry immediately refer to Barbera, enhanced with notes of spices and vanilla bean. The entry in mouth is majestic! 

It is a spontaneous wine in which the robust acidic backbone is suspended between the architraves of an opulent frame to make it agile and graceful like a Brunelleschi dome. It is a full-bodied, fleshy, powerful wine that opens with a long, fresh, slightly tannic finish: authentic and memorable.